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    Explanation of Ranks and Titles


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    Explanation of Ranks and Titles Empty Explanation of Ranks and Titles

    Post by FefeRawft on Sun Jul 18, 2010 8:54 pm


    New Member - 0 Total Posts (No swords)
    Jr. Member - 25 Total Posts (One sword)
    Full Member - 100 Total Posts (Two swords)
    Sr. Member - 150 Total Posts (Three swords)
    Forum Expert - 500 Total Posts (Four swords)
    Forum Hero - 1000 Total Posts (Five swords)

    The swords are a way to easily tell who is more eligible for a certain group or title. They also are a way to show off your post count.


    Admin - Only available to me, the forum owner.
    Beta Tester - Only available to Beta Testers of any FefeQuest projects.
    Moderators - Only available to the forum Moderators.
    V.I.P - Only available to staff of other Zelda Classic forums. (AGN, PZC, ZCR....)
    Sponsor - Only available to anybody who contributed something to FefeQuest, or any FefeQuest projects.
    Spammer - Only available to whoever has the highest post count of the previous year. Awarded every New Years.



    The only requirement for this group is that you have to be me. The reason for this is that I once let one of my old friends be an Administrator, and he completely destroyed my old forum.


    Minimum requirements:

    Post Count - 500 (4 Swords)
    Warning Requirement - 2 or less

    Beta Testers

    Minimum requirements:

    Must have applied to be a Beta Tester on at least one project.
    Beta Tester
    Beta Tester

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    Explanation of Ranks and Titles Empty Re: Explanation of Ranks and Titles

    Post by Ranulf on Mon Jul 19, 2010 9:58 am

    Hey I'm all signed up and ready to go.

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