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    New Updates 8/11/10


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    New Updates 8/11/10 Empty New Updates 8/11/10

    Post by FefeRawft on Wed Aug 11, 2010 11:00 pm

    New updates:

    -Transition of all old areas into the new tileset are almost complete, so I am still behind how far I was in the old tileset. This means a demo will not be out for a while pale
    -The hunt for a few good scripts started at Pure, I need a custom Boss, Pegasus Boots, 'L to Roll', and Boss Music.
    -Custom subscreens are currently being made, however, they won't be complete without a Pegasus Boots script.
    -Hand drawn overworld concept map almost completed.


    -I need to finish the quest up to a point where I can form something suitable for a demo.
    -Import music, so players aren't walking around in silence, possible stuff from the Oracle of X and Link's Awakening soundtrack. Import some SFX, and custom tiles.

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